Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lemon Water, Drink Up!

While skimming the news feed on facebook, you know how the minute you "like" a magazine, they fill your news feed with every article known to man.  Well, the other day I came across one, no don't read them, just the headline and if it's enticing enough then I'm like a fish on the hook!  So as I was saying, the other day I came across an article, not sure if it was Women's World or Women's Day magazines, but anyway, it displayed two photographs of a woman from the shoulders up.  On one photo they called it her "before" photo, and the next one was the "after" photo.  She claims to have turned back the hands of time by drinking twice as much water on a daily basis.  Now the article tore that statement apart and insisted with no actual scientific proof it can't possibly be true then they criticized the lighting on the photo and said it could be photo shop.  

Wow, who's have thought scientists were so moody.  

Anyway, I can't offer any scientific proof but I can say that drinking the recommended 8 to 10 glass of water a day WITH LEMON IN IT, does make a difference.

Here is my scienterrific research.  I had issues with my inner pipes.  Lemon water was always been the perfect beverage to disinfect your inner pipes so for about a month whenever I drank water, it was always lemon water.  I'd prepare a two litre bottle each day and drink it all by the end of the day.  I found that after a few days my face broke out (the lemon getting rid of all the toxins) and my pipes were telling me how much they loved me on a more regular basis.  After about two weeks my face was completely clear and looked so refreshed!  Hmm.... guess I need to go back to drinking lemon water on the daily.  Anyway, since water is great for a diet, and lemon is a natural cleanser for the intestines, lemon water it is!  Prepare it in the morning in an empty juice container or water/soda bottle.  Just cut up some lemon slices, rind/skin and all and toss them into a bottle of water.  Drink up! 

Now if you don't believe just google "health benefits of lemon water" and see for yourself! 

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