Friday, November 21, 2014

Letter To Santa

Alright, now is usually about the time kids and some of us grown folk write a letter to Santa Claus, allowing it time to travel slowly via snail mail in the blizzard up hill to the north pole.  I found this letter template on pinterest and decided this will be one of my few letters.  Yes, few letters.... just in case one gets lost in the mail.   HERE IS MY LETTER.....

A Holiday Christmas Letter to Santa 
November 21, 2014

Dear Santa

Hi!  My name is Susan and I am 45 years old young.  I live in the city of Montreal in the state province of Quebec which is in the country of Canada!  I have been trying really hard to get on your "nice" list this year. Some of the wonderful things I have done are:
1. I baked cupcakes for the kids at church
2. I gave up my seat on the bus when I was really REALLY tired.
3. I yelled at a dude who was watching me fold my laundry at the laundromat.

I have a few special Christmas wishes.  They are:

1. I need some magic dust to sprinkle on my cellulite to make it shrink up.
2. I need some other type of magic dust to sprinkle on my greying hair to make it stay dark brown.
3. I need a magic wand to whack that creepy dude at the laundromat if he happens to be there again trying to eyeball my fruit of the looms.

I am very excited for your visit!  I promise to leave out some metamucil travel packs since all those cookies from everyone else may bind you up.  Please give my favorite reindeer Hacker a huge hug for me!

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas!

Your pal, Susan

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