Friday, November 7, 2014

The Oprah December Magazine

  I confess, I'm one of those folks who always look forward to Oprah's favourite things issue.  When she had her talk show on TV, I'd be sure to record it so I can watch it at my leisure and fast forward the commercials.  Nowadays I have to wait for the O magazine to publish them.  

No.... I'm not one of those folks who runs to the store to buy anything on that list.  I'm just not "rich" enough.  I'm rich in many ways, but not when it comes to money.  For once I wish Oprah would publish a list of favourite items that are ALL under $100.  I love that the price range for the 72 items on her list is wide but us poor folk who support the magazine would really like to see more than a book or a cup of tea in our price range.... Just once make the list for the every day ordinary joe.

Seriously, the first item on this years list is a Beats by Dr Dre Bluetooth headphone with matching portable speaker set for $700. 

Wait, what?  $700 is rent or mortgage money for most of us.  What's almost laughable is there are people who will now wait in line to buy this item, and probably one person who will be late with the rent while doing so.  Lets hope there are no stupid folks who will make their kids go hungry so they can make this purchase!  

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Oprah.  I'm a loyal December issue buyer of her magazine after all. Her magazine is nice year long I'm just not a fan of the photoshop on the cover!  I must say, I love this years format...cover and all!  Bravo!  I seriously suggest buying the magazine.  I've got it on the NextIssue app but I'm going to buy the paper copy so I can scribble in it like all kids do with holiday magazines!  Ha!

I've only skimmed the mag thus far but I like how she included her employees & colleagues in a sort of questionnaire on the holidays.  The digital issue includes a recorded message from Oprah and in it she speaks of giving and of charity.  I like that.  I wish one of her shows would speak of the Operation Christmas Child pack a shoebox for a needy child for Christmas.  In the first few pages of the magazine, one of her employees mentions packing a shoebox of toys for a needy child but that's pretty much the extent of it.  Oprah has a chance to really help that event but she flopped again.
 Either way, the December issue of O magazine is a nice format and well worth the purchase.

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