Monday, December 29, 2014

Change Is Here!

Change starts now!  I'm taking back control!   

This past Sunday in church our pastor reviewed some of all the topics we heard throughout the year, he also said a new year is a blank slate just like a new day is.  He mentioned how many have their resolutions that begin on January 1st simply because it's a new start.  Fresh start!  He also said a fresh start is a good thing.  We take a look back at ourselves personally and review where we've been and what can we change going forward.

Going forward, well lets just say that I'm really tired of being thrown under the bus.  I'm really tired of hearing about what someone said to someone else about me.  Get over yourself already will you!!  I'm really tired of trying to fix relationships that shouldn't have gone sour in the first place but then again, some don't even have a clue as to what's going on around them anyway!  Ha! 

So I'm done!



I've found a greater peace with God and with myself as a person.  I'm not in high school so I really don't want to play high school games.  I not a fan of "pretend, pretend", I out grew that ages ago.

I'm not who I was. ... And that's a good thing.  Those who really knew me then and know me know are well aware of this and compliment me on it.  I'm not looking for compliments though, I'm just looking to please my God .....and my Mom. 

Things are already looking up...because "the Light unto my path" is bright! 

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