Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Memories: First Snow

I was on my way from the grocery store, just picked up the last of the ingredients for the Christmas fruit cake and it began to snow!  I had to gingerly walk along the sidewalk because that light dusting layer is slippery.  

And then came the wonderful memories.... when we were kids, Mom had this pair of rubber style boots.  They weren't rubber, more like man-made materials leather-look style you know.  The boots had a flat square heel but were terribly slippery on snow because they had no grips whatsoever!  

My sisters and I were never fond of these boots (even on Mom's feet) but when it was the first dusting of snow we actually argued over who would get to wear them because they were perfect to run along the sidewalk then stop and let yourself slide.   They were awesome to slide in!  I think I only got to wear them once because my feet were too small.  We used to try going out in our running shoes to slide like that on the first snowfall but the Mom-radar caught us every time "GET YOUR BOOTS ON SO YOU DON'T CATCH YOURSELF PNEUMONIA".  

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