Friday, December 26, 2014

Greeting Cards By Snail Mail

 One of my most favourite things about Christmas is the greeting cards by snail mail.  The kind you can get excited about when you open your mail box (providing you actually GET your mail from whomever checks that box, just sayin') . 

Most folk who know me are well aware I don't celebrate any other thing through out the year.  I mean sure I have the dinner for Thanksgiving, and eat jelly beans on Easter after I come home from church but I don't usually give greeting cards for them....except to my Mom.    And, if anyone hasn't heard from me in a while, they know me well enough that their Christmas card is on its way!  

This instagram photo is an early shot of our card line.  We got the mini clothes line and pins at the dollar store and just connected two together and strung the empty line along the wall when we decorated and waited for the first card to arrive.  

The first card was from my Aunt Patty in Toronto!  And for a few days it was the only card displayed there...then the rest started arriving.  

Not sure how many are displayed  in the picture but last count was thirty!  We had cards from friends and family here in Montreal, as well as Toronto, Nova Scotia, New York, Colorado, Chicago, the Philippines, England, and the West Indies.  We usually drop about fifty in the mail each year.  I didn't find a great card assortment in the shops this year so God willing, I'll be ordering some online in the next few days to put aside for next year.  I got that idea from a friend!  It never occurred to me to do that!!! 

Anyway, I'm just going to enjoy the decorations we have up for a few more days.  Un decorating will happen on January 3rd before heading back to work on the 5th.  

Merry Christmas!!

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