Monday, December 1, 2014

Retro Toys: Lite-Brite

Remember the Lite-Brite toy?  
Ok, you have to be born in the sixties to truly remember those!  They were hugely popular in the 70s.  We had one when we were kids.  I think the true owner of it was my eldest sister but we all shared our toys so it was more "ours" than it was "hers".   Santa Mom got it for my sister at Christmas.  We loaded it up with batteries and started poping those the pegs into it to create lit up pictures.  I really don't recall it being something we played with too often since it required batteries and in those days rechargeable batteries weren't invented yet!  And if they were, we didn't have em!!  But I do remember it was something we loved to use whenever we had batteries.

Are these things still on the market?  I saw them on the Elf movie last night and it just brought back all those fond Christmas memories.  

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