Thursday, December 4, 2014

Susan's Favourite Things 2014

Welcome to another edition of Susan's Favorite Things!  Much like Oprah's, this is a list of things I like but my list won't include 72 items like hers did!  No, that's just cray cray.  My list will be 12 items, you know, like the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS but with my favorite things of 2014!!!

Ok so first start humming the song "these are a few of my favorite things..." in your best Sound of Music voice!

My list once again this year, is in no particular order.


I always have one of these babies folded and tucked inside my backpack or purse just incase I stop in a shop.  No way am I paying five cents for a cheap plastic bag that will rip and tear before I even leave the store!!!


I wore bucket hats while on vacation in the Southern Caribbean earlier this year.  These hats aren't expensive, come in a variety of colours and patterns and are quite stylish.  Look good while keeping the sun off your head!  I've got a yellow one that's reversable... solid yellow on one side, yellow floral on the other  side!  pretty cool. 

With Ebay now recommending sellers use some international shipping setting, shipping costs to Canada from the USA are insane!  Ridiculously insane!  Like $15 to ship a small two inch plastic craft frame that can fit inside a standard letter envelope for a buck or two.  Craziness!!   I've all but stopped using Ebay and now get all my craft supplies on Etsy.  Besides, Etsy sellers are far more personable... better customer service up in here!


I do like reading magazines and getting a ton of them for $11.25 Canadian a month after taxes is a super deal.  The best thing is for that price you also get a year of back issues per magazine! So you know I've been reading the Prevention magazine from cover to cover!!!  The only down side is the magazine selection is quite limited.  There are no crafting magazines, no knitting, no crochet, no cross stitch, no woodworking and if you want the gossip rag mags you need to upgrade to the $15 per month before taxes.  This is the only thing that bugs me about this service, now if only their service could combine with Zinio's selection I'd be the happiest woman on the planet!


Husband bought me an ipad mini for my birthday in 2012 or was it 2013?  I can't remember but either way I own one!  It's awesome.  I read magazines on it (Next Issue & Zinio apps), I play Candy Crush on it, I do the facebook on it , the google plus and the instagram and log my eating habbits and sometimes I blogger on it.  I have tons of apps and it has become an extention of my left hand...


These are small but they pack a punch.  The sound quality is great if you want to listen to your music on a speaker and not on headphones or earbuds.  I've got two of these, a blue one I leave at work to listen to my ipod touch with and a silver one I have at home for when I'm in the kitchen and want to listen to online radio streaming from my ipad.  They run via bluetooth wireless connection or you can connect the wire to them and if your mp3 player isn't bluetooth compatable.  They could be made a bit better to let you know when the charge is running out but otherwise I love them.


And it's free!  Yes, one thing about Pinterest is it has made surfing the internet so much easier for crafters like me!  Looking for a pattern, why Google it when you can search in Pinterest.  Looking for a new hair style, search Pinterest!  Looking for some decorating ideas?  Pinterest is the place to be.  Create your own boards of things you like, and pin on!


I baked cupcakes for our Church's Harvest Party and for family gatherings and have become obsessed with the little buggers!  I can eat one whole cake and not feel guilty for cheating on a diet!  BECAUSE ITS A CUPCAKE!  Any flavor cake mix and pretty it up with a fancy coloured paper liner and some icing and sprinkles... oh the joy!!!  *dreamy sigh*  Problem is I never stop at just one.


I love this stuff in my coffee.  Only in coffee though because it's too rich.  I find it gives coffee (or hot chocolate) a nice creamy taste, better than cream in my opinion.  I tried it in tea but not fond of it.  I always keep a couple cans in the cupboard. 


I got these white  headphones by Sony earlier this year.  Husband has the black pair.  The sound in these things is Amazing!!!!  (Ya, I said "Amazing" in my excited Oprah voice)  I enjoy the sound when listening to audiobooks nice and crisp.  And also classical music and jazz sounds so incredible in these. I can listen to what I like without disturbing my husband.  The only thing we do not have in common is our taste in music!  He's a reggae, soca, old gospel person, I'm a classical, jazz and contemporary christian person.  Go figure. 


I love the new Tim Horton's Dark Roast coffee.  Large decaf with two milk on the side.  Ya, I'm not fond of them adding the milk or cream for me because they will stir it in with the nasty spoon that was sitting in the  cup of rancid water for hours going in and out of thousands of cups of coffee leaving residue in the water that gets transferred to your coffee... no thank you, just put the milk on the side and give me that large decaf please.  mmm... smooth!!!!


Oh... My... Goodness.... have you had their General Thai Chicken and rice?  
I HAVE!  With two spring rolls and a fortune cookie too!!  It's a bit steep in price though like almost $15  the general with spring rolls, cookie and a beverage but oh goodness gracious is it ever good!  Just adding to my hips and back fat.  That's all it does.    Sigh. 

And there you have it!  Favorite things ordinary joe can afford!

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