Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After

 My husband and I didn't exchange gifts.  We mostly do that when we know we intend to travel.  We upgraded our Olympus digital camera for a Canon "big thing I don't need" as my nephew said.  Anyhow we need the big Canon for when we go away to England later on in 2015, God willing.   Husband and I never really exchange gifts even on other holidays like Valentines or Easter.  That's just the way we are I suppose.  Besides, I'm just not into that flowers and candy business, just remember me at Christmas and we're good.  

One thing we always do is exchange greeting cards at Christmas and birthdays.  Funny thing is each year the card we get for each other on Christmas always seem similar to each other....did that make sense?  What I mean is this year the card I got husband spoke of our friendship and special love.  The card he got for me pretty much discussed the same.  Last year if memory serves me, the cards were about quality time.  We had a good laugh at that coincidence on Christmas morning though.  

No shopping rush today though because its a rest day.  Still not feeling up to par but still smiling at the memories of our Christmas dinner.... That turkey wing was fabulous.  I said "fabulous" in my Samantha Jones voice by the way.

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