Friday, January 30, 2015

Sports, How I Love Ya

I was listening to the radio the other day and got so excited when they announced that the male and female tennis players who represent Canada, had made it further into the Austrailian Open.  (As of this post though, they've both been eliminated).   Yes I watch tennis on television.  Yes I rally behind the Canadian players....BUT there are other players from other countries I enjoy watching as well.  I just enjoy the sport!  I can sit for hours on end watching tennis when it gets to the quarter finals, and onward.  I admit I don't watch much up until that point and I do like when someone other than the "usual winner" takes home the highest honor.  

That's pretty much how I am with golf too.  I watch it sparingly on television but once it's down to the winner take all in a major event, then I'm at the edge of my seat watching.  I still need to get up to speed on the score keeping where golf is concerned though.  Knowing the rules of the game makes it more entertaining to watch.

We're heading into playoff season in hockey.  I am a big fan of the Montreal Canadiens.  Sure they haven't won the Stanley cup in a bit but my boys know how to play!  I admit I don't watch the games, only check the score the following day and read the game highlights but when it's playoff season.... Say what you you want about my team, but if they make the playoffs, I'm watching every game until they win or are eliminated.

I love football to death!  What!?  I can't believe it either!  I blame my husband.  Ha!   I follow the Montreal Allouettes but I just can't bring myself to watch any other Canadian football games.  It all has to do with my dislike for the advertising patches the players have stuck on their shirts.    Now, the NFL... Oh boy, I get all psyched out over that!  My husband follows the Cowboys.  I don't know why.  I don't want to know why.  I'd been following the Bears because the coach used to be the Montreal coach so I figured, hey why not.   Well, truth be told I cheer every team...especially teams that play against the Cowboys.  This Super Bowl I'll be cheering for the Seahawks over the Patriots.  Had to pick the lesser of two evils.

For the likes of me, I just can't get into basketball or baseball.  Back when Montreal had the Expos, I cheered them on by being happy they won their games.  The year they were the best team in the went on strike!  Then shortly thereafter the team left and I lost interest.  I used to love college basketball.  Would watch it down to the final four!  Sometimes I'd even watch professional basketball but somewhere along the way I lost interest.  I can tolerate it but if football is on then you know I'm turning the channel.  

Winter Olympics are super awesome.  Sports channels need to give a more variety to winter sports an not just focus on figure skating and skiing.  I like to watch snow boarding or even the winter Xtreme games.  

Sigh.....just felt like talking about sports. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fitness Update

I'm not exactly sure why it is that every year about this time, I get the urge to go jogging outside.  I know right, that's a whole lot of cray cray right there!   I've got a coupon for a sports shop so I'm thinking about getting a thermal jogging jacket or one of those sleeveless puffy jackets and get my old bones out on the street if even just for a power walk on a daily basis.

When it warms up! 

Did I mention the temperature is well below freezing?  Like its -26*C with that windchill taken into account.  I don't like treadmills.  I like outdoors.  I need to get out there and freeze my peanuts off. 

I haven't been doing all that great on the diet but I haven't done too bad either so that's a good thing.  I just need to drop 20 pounds before fall when we head off on vacation.  So that's my target.  I spoke to a professional and was advised that my goal of dropping 45 pounds was total craziness.  She advised me to take into account my age and suggested 20 was where I should aim and that would put me in a healthy bmi position along with not depleting my energy, and all that other technical jumbo jumbo she said.  She also set a bed time for me on days I work and suggested I follow it strictly.....and stick to decaf coffee.  I am sleep deprived apparently. 

I gave up added sugar.  Initially I had replaced sugar in my coffee with honey but thanks to honey costing an arm and leg, I went cold turkey!  It was an acquired taste, you know, coffee without sweetner but now I'm used to it.  I've been drinking lots of teas too.  And water.  And eating lots of cereal, low in calories but high in inner pipes love me for it!  

So, there's the fitness update.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

Focus On Your Own

I haven't made an actual list of things I want or should get done in a bucket list of sorts.  Perhaps I should because trying to remember all the things that need to be done is giving me a headache.

My friend said....MAKE A LIST! 

I'm really not a list maker... But I'm focused 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Next Issue Upgraded

Wow, I am totally amazed how the NextIssue app has upgraded!  Finally, someone who listens to the consumer!!!

I'd complained in the past that there wasn't a way to keep track of the past issues of magazines already downloaded and read then deleted from the app.  I had a bad habit of downloading the same magazine after I'd already read it then deleted it.  I enjoy the back issues that are accessable in the app and finally there is a little icon above the magazine cover that says "new" if it wasn't already downloaded.  I ran a test and downloaded a few back issues and read one here and on there then deleted them.  When I went back and looked, the "new" flag remained only on the magazines I hadn't downloaded!  I LOVE THAT!

So so now all they need to do is improve on the selection of craft magazines!

Good job!  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Twinings Chai Tea

Today I sampled the Twinings Chai tea.  The decaf one.  I had already tasted the Spiced Apple Chai tea over the Christmas holidays; it was pretty good but I didn't really enjoy it once it started cooling down.

The regular Chai tea has a smell somewhat like Allspice.  At least that's what it smelled like to me.  The taste was a bit harsh but I still enjoyed it when it was very hot.  

I'm most pleased with the individually wrapped bags.  Salada wraps their teas as well but in cheap paper that isn't completely sealed to retain freshness. 

Chai tea... give it a try!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Twinings Lady Grey


I've  always been a tea lover and over the course of this past year I've been drinking more of a variety, some I've already reviewed!  Aside from Orange Pekoe, regular Green, Black or Breakfast blends, the only other teas I usually purchased were Mint, Lemon or Camomile.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post a while back, I'd been sampling many flavoured green teas like cranberry and pomegranate and truly enjoy them.  I've always kept mint for digestive reasons but again, as mentioned in another post I made, I'd discovered Four O'Clock teas and made a few purchases of that brand as well.  And they too are individually wrapped bags ranging from ginger/mint digestive, detox dandelion, and cranberry slim tea.  Very nice flavours.  

Flavoured teas also help curb my munchies!

Today I tried Lady Grey tea by Twinings.  Used to be the only Twinings I'd buy was Earl Grey!   Lady Grey is a nice light flavoured tea similar to Earl Grey only smoother.  I enjoyed a large mug of it earlier today and half of it even cooled down while I was doing other things but even cool, it had a phenomenal taste.  

I've purchased a few other flavours of Twinings tea recently.   I like that they come individually wrapped so the flavour and scent is preserved.  I always like the smell of flavoured teas, almost soothing.  

Once again a positive review on Tea!  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Minute In Susan's Mind

I've been off line for a bit, just trying to get a handle on things.  Been doing a lot of praying for guidance .  I've got a few blogs I'm working on and will get them posted this week so hang in there.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Crappy IOS 8

So this past weekend I took it upon myself to update the software on my ipad simply because some of the apps I needed to update were no longer compatible with version 6, they stated I needed to update my ios to version 7.  I plugged the ipad into my laptop and then was told I also needed to update the version of iTunes.  So I did that too then continued to update the ipad which now was up to version 8 not version 7.  I guess I need to downgrade now!

I can't believe Apple put out such a sorry piece of software!  Steve Jobs would be so disappointed at this.  I tried to reset the ipad back to factory but forgot how Apple holds us hostage by deleting or restoring only the contacts and settings but NOT the software!  I have an ipad mini and an ipod touch.  I regretfully updated the ipod two years ago and never will I ever update anything again since on that gadget I only listen to music or audiobooks and ya, I use the clock timer when I'm baking or when we go on vacation as an alarm clock!  But now my poor ipad is stuck with this crappy ass software and I am so annoyed.  It even updated all of my apps which I had no intention of doing and the stupid notification on the app store keeps telling me I have 10 updates waiting ... ITS A LIE, I HAVE NONE! so ya, I'm real cranky now. 

So I checked out a few of my apps now that they've been updated without my permission.... the loseit app is confusing, so it's going to take a bit of figuring out.  The Nextissue app tried to fix themselves like Zinio, I giggled at that, but their selection is still minimal compared to Zinio.  I have to use it more to see if I really like it.  I still don't like how they give the Spanish version of People magazine on the basic account but the English version is on the premium account!  Crooks!!

I'm really pissed off.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Healthy Next Issue

Although the internet is a great source of inspiration for weight loss or just health and well being altogether, magazines provide some information as well.

I'm still using the NextIssue app.  I haven't cancelled it because I got to reading a few of the health magazines and decided that it really is worth the $11.50cdn/month.  But I'm still complaining about their limited selection though!

I've gone through the NextIssue app and only subscribed to health magazines so for the next three months I will be faced with some interesting reading material.  It helps to just read about healthy changes, you may find something interesting!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

90 Day Challenge

I have no idea how much weight I gained over the holiday. Ok, that's a lie, I do know how much weight I gained. 


I had two weeks off of work and that translated to two weeks of easy access to all the good stuff like mom's home made Christmas tradition fudge, biscuits, fruit cake, cookies, pies and whatever else I was able to get my hands on.

While most folk have already begun their new weight loss regimens or resolutions as we may also call it, I'm a bit slow to getting to the starting line but I have started.  I just know that once Monday comes and I head back to work, I'll get more results faster, so for now I'm just weaning myself off of all that good food!

The thing about me and work is I tend to eat a lot less and drink a lot more water and tea.  I also have this great habit of exercising.   ... but for some reason all that fell away over the holiday. 

I also don't sleep very well so adding a bed time is also on my list. 

I won't call this a resolution, more like a challenge!  I am challenging myself to get some weight off, get a full 7-9 hour of sleep daily and drink 2 litres of water each day all within the next 90 days.  I'm not talking about a big amount of weight, I'm just talking about not gaining anything, and taking off whatever I can in the next 90 days.  Through the course of the challenge I will set small goals, like the first five, then five more, then five more and so on until the ninety days is complete.

I'm making my own 90 day challenge. 

The only good thing I've done this holiday was continue to log each and every calorie I've eaten on LoseIt app.  I'm accountable for every scrumptious morsel I've munched.   On the app, I've joined in some challenges and joined a few groups to get some motivation and made a few new friends along the way.  And while I'm at it, let me also say I know exactly how much I gained because I've been weighing myself every Sunday and Wednesday and logging the incredibly large number in the app. 

Join me in making your own 90 challenge, be it to lose weight, eat clean, give up added sugar, sleep better.  Challenge yourself for 90 days to make a personal change.... for the better. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Audio & Ebooks

2014 was a good year for reading.  I amazed myself with how many books I read, or listened to in audio book format.  It's not an impressive number, nor were the quality of books I read at the top of the best sellers list. 

I have the iBooks app on my ipad mini so keeping a steady flow of books to read is simple.  But when it comes to audio books, those are usually loaded onto my ipod touch in MP3 format or downloaded via the Audible app.  Most of the audio books I've heard were during working hours while I was busy with something else.  Most folk like to listen to the radio while at work, I prefer to listen to an audio book.  The thing I like best about this format is I sometimes tend to listen to books outside of my preferred genre. 

Romance novels are my favourite!  Mostly historical romance.  It was a book by Virginia Henley that first made me fall in love with historcials.  After that I just kept on reading them and later got hooked on the contemporary romances provided by Harlequin.  When I fell into audio books, I decided to occasionally read paranormals, horror, and mysteries along with the romance ones, this way I can get past the "boring first chapter" and on to the good stuff!

In 2014 I heard a total of 21 audio books on my ipod and read 11 ebooks on my reader for a grand total of 32 books!  I aim to beat that in 2015! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

In The Best Position


I started 2015 in the best position I could ever be....

You see, on New Years Eve I had a massive migraine, you know the kind that squeezes your brain and makes you feel nausea, and any sound or light causes you to cringe... that was what I had!  I just couldn't stay up long enough to watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV.  We watch that ever year, it's tradition.  But this year I fell asleep in the rocking chair at around 9:30pm.  My head was just banging. 

When it was approaching midnight, my husband awoke me to ring in the new year but I was still in a lot of pain so we went to bed.  We knelt to say our prayers a few minutes before midnight and when we finished, and stood, it as already 12:05.... five minutes into the new year of 2015. 

We were on our knees in prayer, thanking God, giving praise, asking for our family to be protected and asking for guidance... all of this while the old year ended and the new one began.

So, it is with that knowledge that I can honestly say, I will enter into 2015 thankful for all that I have and all that is yet to come.