Friday, January 2, 2015

Audio & Ebooks

2014 was a good year for reading.  I amazed myself with how many books I read, or listened to in audio book format.  It's not an impressive number, nor were the quality of books I read at the top of the best sellers list. 

I have the iBooks app on my ipad mini so keeping a steady flow of books to read is simple.  But when it comes to audio books, those are usually loaded onto my ipod touch in MP3 format or downloaded via the Audible app.  Most of the audio books I've heard were during working hours while I was busy with something else.  Most folk like to listen to the radio while at work, I prefer to listen to an audio book.  The thing I like best about this format is I sometimes tend to listen to books outside of my preferred genre. 

Romance novels are my favourite!  Mostly historical romance.  It was a book by Virginia Henley that first made me fall in love with historcials.  After that I just kept on reading them and later got hooked on the contemporary romances provided by Harlequin.  When I fell into audio books, I decided to occasionally read paranormals, horror, and mysteries along with the romance ones, this way I can get past the "boring first chapter" and on to the good stuff!

In 2014 I heard a total of 21 audio books on my ipod and read 11 ebooks on my reader for a grand total of 32 books!  I aim to beat that in 2015! 

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