Monday, January 12, 2015

Crappy IOS 8

So this past weekend I took it upon myself to update the software on my ipad simply because some of the apps I needed to update were no longer compatible with version 6, they stated I needed to update my ios to version 7.  I plugged the ipad into my laptop and then was told I also needed to update the version of iTunes.  So I did that too then continued to update the ipad which now was up to version 8 not version 7.  I guess I need to downgrade now!

I can't believe Apple put out such a sorry piece of software!  Steve Jobs would be so disappointed at this.  I tried to reset the ipad back to factory but forgot how Apple holds us hostage by deleting or restoring only the contacts and settings but NOT the software!  I have an ipad mini and an ipod touch.  I regretfully updated the ipod two years ago and never will I ever update anything again since on that gadget I only listen to music or audiobooks and ya, I use the clock timer when I'm baking or when we go on vacation as an alarm clock!  But now my poor ipad is stuck with this crappy ass software and I am so annoyed.  It even updated all of my apps which I had no intention of doing and the stupid notification on the app store keeps telling me I have 10 updates waiting ... ITS A LIE, I HAVE NONE! so ya, I'm real cranky now. 

So I checked out a few of my apps now that they've been updated without my permission.... the loseit app is confusing, so it's going to take a bit of figuring out.  The Nextissue app tried to fix themselves like Zinio, I giggled at that, but their selection is still minimal compared to Zinio.  I have to use it more to see if I really like it.  I still don't like how they give the Spanish version of People magazine on the basic account but the English version is on the premium account!  Crooks!!

I'm really pissed off.

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