Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fitness Update

I'm not exactly sure why it is that every year about this time, I get the urge to go jogging outside.  I know right, that's a whole lot of cray cray right there!   I've got a coupon for a sports shop so I'm thinking about getting a thermal jogging jacket or one of those sleeveless puffy jackets and get my old bones out on the street if even just for a power walk on a daily basis.

When it warms up! 

Did I mention the temperature is well below freezing?  Like its -26*C with that windchill taken into account.  I don't like treadmills.  I like outdoors.  I need to get out there and freeze my peanuts off. 

I haven't been doing all that great on the diet but I haven't done too bad either so that's a good thing.  I just need to drop 20 pounds before fall when we head off on vacation.  So that's my target.  I spoke to a professional and was advised that my goal of dropping 45 pounds was total craziness.  She advised me to take into account my age and suggested 20 was where I should aim and that would put me in a healthy bmi position along with not depleting my energy, and all that other technical jumbo jumbo she said.  She also set a bed time for me on days I work and suggested I follow it strictly.....and stick to decaf coffee.  I am sleep deprived apparently. 

I gave up added sugar.  Initially I had replaced sugar in my coffee with honey but thanks to honey costing an arm and leg, I went cold turkey!  It was an acquired taste, you know, coffee without sweetner but now I'm used to it.  I've been drinking lots of teas too.  And water.  And eating lots of cereal, low in calories but high in fibre....my inner pipes love me for it!  

So, there's the fitness update.  

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