Thursday, January 1, 2015

In The Best Position


I started 2015 in the best position I could ever be....

You see, on New Years Eve I had a massive migraine, you know the kind that squeezes your brain and makes you feel nausea, and any sound or light causes you to cringe... that was what I had!  I just couldn't stay up long enough to watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV.  We watch that ever year, it's tradition.  But this year I fell asleep in the rocking chair at around 9:30pm.  My head was just banging. 

When it was approaching midnight, my husband awoke me to ring in the new year but I was still in a lot of pain so we went to bed.  We knelt to say our prayers a few minutes before midnight and when we finished, and stood, it as already 12:05.... five minutes into the new year of 2015. 

We were on our knees in prayer, thanking God, giving praise, asking for our family to be protected and asking for guidance... all of this while the old year ended and the new one began.

So, it is with that knowledge that I can honestly say, I will enter into 2015 thankful for all that I have and all that is yet to come. 

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