Sunday, January 25, 2015

Next Issue Upgraded

Wow, I am totally amazed how the NextIssue app has upgraded!  Finally, someone who listens to the consumer!!!

I'd complained in the past that there wasn't a way to keep track of the past issues of magazines already downloaded and read then deleted from the app.  I had a bad habit of downloading the same magazine after I'd already read it then deleted it.  I enjoy the back issues that are accessable in the app and finally there is a little icon above the magazine cover that says "new" if it wasn't already downloaded.  I ran a test and downloaded a few back issues and read one here and on there then deleted them.  When I went back and looked, the "new" flag remained only on the magazines I hadn't downloaded!  I LOVE THAT!

So so now all they need to do is improve on the selection of craft magazines!

Good job!  

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