Friday, January 30, 2015

Sports, How I Love Ya

I was listening to the radio the other day and got so excited when they announced that the male and female tennis players who represent Canada, had made it further into the Austrailian Open.  (As of this post though, they've both been eliminated).   Yes I watch tennis on television.  Yes I rally behind the Canadian players....BUT there are other players from other countries I enjoy watching as well.  I just enjoy the sport!  I can sit for hours on end watching tennis when it gets to the quarter finals, and onward.  I admit I don't watch much up until that point and I do like when someone other than the "usual winner" takes home the highest honor.  

That's pretty much how I am with golf too.  I watch it sparingly on television but once it's down to the winner take all in a major event, then I'm at the edge of my seat watching.  I still need to get up to speed on the score keeping where golf is concerned though.  Knowing the rules of the game makes it more entertaining to watch.

We're heading into playoff season in hockey.  I am a big fan of the Montreal Canadiens.  Sure they haven't won the Stanley cup in a bit but my boys know how to play!  I admit I don't watch the games, only check the score the following day and read the game highlights but when it's playoff season.... Say what you you want about my team, but if they make the playoffs, I'm watching every game until they win or are eliminated.

I love football to death!  What!?  I can't believe it either!  I blame my husband.  Ha!   I follow the Montreal Allouettes but I just can't bring myself to watch any other Canadian football games.  It all has to do with my dislike for the advertising patches the players have stuck on their shirts.    Now, the NFL... Oh boy, I get all psyched out over that!  My husband follows the Cowboys.  I don't know why.  I don't want to know why.  I'd been following the Bears because the coach used to be the Montreal coach so I figured, hey why not.   Well, truth be told I cheer every team...especially teams that play against the Cowboys.  This Super Bowl I'll be cheering for the Seahawks over the Patriots.  Had to pick the lesser of two evils.

For the likes of me, I just can't get into basketball or baseball.  Back when Montreal had the Expos, I cheered them on by being happy they won their games.  The year they were the best team in the went on strike!  Then shortly thereafter the team left and I lost interest.  I used to love college basketball.  Would watch it down to the final four!  Sometimes I'd even watch professional basketball but somewhere along the way I lost interest.  I can tolerate it but if football is on then you know I'm turning the channel.  

Winter Olympics are super awesome.  Sports channels need to give a more variety to winter sports an not just focus on figure skating and skiing.  I like to watch snow boarding or even the winter Xtreme games.  

Sigh.....just felt like talking about sports. 

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