Friday, January 23, 2015

Twinings Lady Grey


I've  always been a tea lover and over the course of this past year I've been drinking more of a variety, some I've already reviewed!  Aside from Orange Pekoe, regular Green, Black or Breakfast blends, the only other teas I usually purchased were Mint, Lemon or Camomile.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post a while back, I'd been sampling many flavoured green teas like cranberry and pomegranate and truly enjoy them.  I've always kept mint for digestive reasons but again, as mentioned in another post I made, I'd discovered Four O'Clock teas and made a few purchases of that brand as well.  And they too are individually wrapped bags ranging from ginger/mint digestive, detox dandelion, and cranberry slim tea.  Very nice flavours.  

Flavoured teas also help curb my munchies!

Today I tried Lady Grey tea by Twinings.  Used to be the only Twinings I'd buy was Earl Grey!   Lady Grey is a nice light flavoured tea similar to Earl Grey only smoother.  I enjoyed a large mug of it earlier today and half of it even cooled down while I was doing other things but even cool, it had a phenomenal taste.  

I've purchased a few other flavours of Twinings tea recently.   I like that they come individually wrapped so the flavour and scent is preserved.  I always like the smell of flavoured teas, almost soothing.  

Once again a positive review on Tea!  

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