Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cold Enough For Ya?

I'm tired of all this cold weather.  

I've pretty much spent the bulk of February being sick with the flu and then trying to get rid of it completely.  I haven't seen my Mom in a whole month out of fear of passing on my germs.  

I'm tired of wearing so many clothes to when I go out side... under garments, three pairs of socks, winter boots, long johns, jeans, tank top, tee shirt, long sleeve tee, turtle neck sweater, pull over, coat, scarf, ugly warm felt hat, thin gloves under home made wool knit mittens.  Believe it or not that is what I wear on a work day!  Standing out waiting for public transportation in temperatures that recently reached -33*C (-27*F) with the wind chill is no joke especially when I'm out there in the wee hours of the morning even before the sun comes up so that "warm" high temperature of -6*C is never felt by my butt cheeks. 

There, I am officially one of the many who have complained about the cold.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Book: Bird Box

I completed this audiobook earlier this week.  Yes it certainly creeped me out considering I'm afraid of the dark and this book was all about not opening your eyes so basically living in the dark.  I chose to read this book because it popped up on a book club readers list so I figured, hey why not!  My only gripe with this book is never knowing exactly what the creatures look like or where they came from but that aside, it's a fast pased book.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Quick Read

I just finished listening to an audiobook called "A Monster Calls" by Patrick Ness.  I thought it would be a scary monster book but rather it was a book about strength and loss.  I truly enjoyed it. This book was a quick read because I couldn't bring myself to pause the audio, I was trapped in the mystery of the book wanting to know what happens next!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Book Club Picks

The last two audiobooks I heard were well out of the typical genre that I prefer.  I found these titles while reading Good Housekeeping magazine.  The mag has a small section about books for book clubs and both The Girl On The Train and The Husband's Secret were featured at one point or another.  The nice thing about the feature is that it also gives a review and synopsis of the book so I was able to decide if I really wanted to dive into it.

Both books were filled with suspense. The Girl On a the Train was one of those books with a twist ending that I truly spoilers here!   But in The Husband's Secret I was disappointed once the secret was revealed to the wife.  And I'm still wondering why the story focused on three families rather than two because really, the secret only involved two families, and the third seemed just like padding for the book.  The epilogue was unusual because it seemed the author didn't know how to end the book so she stuffed everything in the epilogue.  

Either way, I did enjoy both books.  The problem is, once I finish a book, I always feel like "ok, so what do I do now".  

I need a new book!  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Twinings Green Tea With Lemon

Tea, glorious tea!  

Anyway, while I was browsing the tea isle, I spotted a new box that I hadn't yet tried.  Lemon flavoured Green Tea.  

If you love green tea, and you enjoy lemon flavoured tea, this is for you!   Seriously, the other day I brewed a cup of this and sipped it while it was hot.  It was too hot as a matter of fact so I let it cool and forgot about it!  When I finally got to it at room temperature, I just chucked the cup in the fridge to get cold and drank it like ice tea!  Oh my goodness it was fabulous!! .....and I said "fabulous" in my Samantha Jones voice, that's how good it was.  

My cupboard is overflowing with boxes of Twinings Teas. 

Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea

As I'd mentioned before, I've fallen deeply in love with Twinings teas.  

While I've been sick these last couple of days, I've indulged in many cups of Twinings Lemon And Ginger Herbal Tea.  Wow!  Whát a flavourful brew!  The lemon and ginger flavours in this tea can be tasted on the first sip.  It also did wonders for my throat and digestive pipes as we all know the healing power of ginger.  I picked up a box of 20 individually wrapped tea bags at the local grocery shop and over paid in my opinion but with the taste so enjoyable, I did get my monies worth!  This is a tea I will certainly enjoy even when I'm not suffering from a terrible cold.

I rate this tea a five star on five: great flavour hot at any temperature, soothing aroma, individually wrapped bags to lock in freshness and I could probably find it cheaper in a major grocery store.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Minute In Susan's Mind

I've spent the last few days asleep.  Ok, so not quite asleep but I've been up and about for five hours a day, the rest of the day I spent sleeping.  I'm sick with a chest cold.  Not the flu, not bronchitis, just a common chest cold which will get better as long as I get rest, keep hydrated and avoid over exerting myself.  If I don't take care of myself then it can and will get worse and perhaps become pneumonia.  So we need some warmer weather in these parts so I won't have to wear three layers of clothes just to go to work! .....and work should turn off that air conditioning unit when it's twenty degrees below freezing outside..... Seriously dude!