Friday, February 13, 2015

Book Club Picks

The last two audiobooks I heard were well out of the typical genre that I prefer.  I found these titles while reading Good Housekeeping magazine.  The mag has a small section about books for book clubs and both The Girl On The Train and The Husband's Secret were featured at one point or another.  The nice thing about the feature is that it also gives a review and synopsis of the book so I was able to decide if I really wanted to dive into it.

Both books were filled with suspense. The Girl On a the Train was one of those books with a twist ending that I truly spoilers here!   But in The Husband's Secret I was disappointed once the secret was revealed to the wife.  And I'm still wondering why the story focused on three families rather than two because really, the secret only involved two families, and the third seemed just like padding for the book.  The epilogue was unusual because it seemed the author didn't know how to end the book so she stuffed everything in the epilogue.  

Either way, I did enjoy both books.  The problem is, once I finish a book, I always feel like "ok, so what do I do now".  

I need a new book!  

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