Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cold Enough For Ya?

I'm tired of all this cold weather.  

I've pretty much spent the bulk of February being sick with the flu and then trying to get rid of it completely.  I haven't seen my Mom in a whole month out of fear of passing on my germs.  

I'm tired of wearing so many clothes to when I go out side... under garments, three pairs of socks, winter boots, long johns, jeans, tank top, tee shirt, long sleeve tee, turtle neck sweater, pull over, coat, scarf, ugly warm felt hat, thin gloves under home made wool knit mittens.  Believe it or not that is what I wear on a work day!  Standing out waiting for public transportation in temperatures that recently reached -33*C (-27*F) with the wind chill is no joke especially when I'm out there in the wee hours of the morning even before the sun comes up so that "warm" high temperature of -6*C is never felt by my butt cheeks. 

There, I am officially one of the many who have complained about the cold.

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