Thursday, February 12, 2015

Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea

As I'd mentioned before, I've fallen deeply in love with Twinings teas.  

While I've been sick these last couple of days, I've indulged in many cups of Twinings Lemon And Ginger Herbal Tea.  Wow!  Whát a flavourful brew!  The lemon and ginger flavours in this tea can be tasted on the first sip.  It also did wonders for my throat and digestive pipes as we all know the healing power of ginger.  I picked up a box of 20 individually wrapped tea bags at the local grocery shop and over paid in my opinion but with the taste so enjoyable, I did get my monies worth!  This is a tea I will certainly enjoy even when I'm not suffering from a terrible cold.

I rate this tea a five star on five: great flavour hot at any temperature, soothing aroma, individually wrapped bags to lock in freshness and I could probably find it cheaper in a major grocery store.

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