Thursday, March 26, 2015

Addictive Brain Games

I've been keeping my brain exercised from time to time by playing games.  I know, I make it sound educational or something eh!  Ha!   But seriously, I find that the further ahead I get in Candy Crush, the more I have to think.  I'm not too fond of games that make me think.   I just want to play and have fun but I'm currently on level 488 of Candy Crush and it may appear to be an easy level but there are only so many moves to complete the puzzle and therefore I have to think of what moves I'll make. 

Oh but wait, I'm not a Candy Crush addict... nope.  I also play Angry Birds.  It drives me nuts but I have to think of where I'm going to fire the bird in order to dislodge the piggie.   Yup, fun times.

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