Monday, March 9, 2015

Bucket List Not Required

It was suggested that I need a bucket list.  Not sure why, because it's not like I'd include sky diving or other exciting and life threatening things on it.  Realistically, I think I've pretty much done what counts.

I've made folks smile.
I've travelled a bit: rode a train, plane, bike, car, speed boat, ship, and roller skates.
I've danced in the rain even though nobody seen me do it.
I've eaten chocolate and did not in any way, feel guilty for doing it.
I've fallen in love...albeit more than once but eventually it was with Mr Right.
I've even baked a cake, pie and cookies completely from scratch! I know right? I can't believe it either! 

So what else is there? 

Learn to drive?  Nope, too easily distracted, that's an accident waiting to happen.
Have kids? Nope, I somehow never received the "mommy-gene". 
Bake bread from scratch? Ha ha, sure I should give that a whirl just for laughs! 

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