Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cul De Sac

So here's the thing.  My diet or "road to better health" has hit a dead end.  The other day I had this thing for apple turnovers and I ate one to celebrate everything!  I had one to celebrate getting out of bed.  I had one to celebrate catching the bus on time.  I had another one celebrating the long line at the grocery store.  Ok I wasn't celebrating the long line but you get the picture.  I ate four apple turnovers in one day.  

Oh but were they ever good!  Mmm..... They were so fresh and fluffy pastry and just a hint of cinnamon.  

I know how many calories they were.  310 calories each.  SO WHAT!  I enjoyed each and every calorie.    

I'm not going to beat myself up over eating so many.  I should but I'm not going to because it won't solve anything.  Besides, THEY WERE DELICIOUS!

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