Saturday, April 11, 2015

Confessions Of A Junkaholic

Didn't get much walking in this past week.  It's been pretty windy cold in the morning and I already got my cheeks burned by the wind and doing it again was not going to happen... and then it rained so I just cut my losses and did some jumping jacks, Russian twists and sit ups at home.  I still ate junk though if I'm to be truthful.  I had General Thai chicken this week from Thai Express... That stuff is amazingly delicious.  I hadn't had dinner that night so on my way to work I popped in for a bit.  I also had gummy bears and crispy crunch chocolate bars.  I know, I should have stuck to the healthy stuff but I was real discouraged from not walking and I'm sleep deprived so there you have it.  I did weigh in and nothing happened.  I'm willing myself to do better this week since the temperatures will be much warmer.  I just hope they are warmer at sun up and not waiting til dinner time.

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