Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Long Walk Home

I did it!  I actually started walking for exercise.  Ok, phew, I'm too excited, let me start from the beginning...

I want and need to drop twenty pounds by September.  I tried exercising at home during the winter but that didn't last...I got bored quickly and the fridge is like right there you know, so, Ya.  I want to get back into jogging but I've got issues with my hip and after that month long chest cold or flu or catching-myself-pneumonia, my lungs feel like they are in bad shape.   As the beginning of March approached, I got more eager to get outside and get fit but the dreaded winter sub zero temperatures kept me inside.   I decided that April will be the start but since it begins in the middle of the week, I chose to start at the beginning of that week instead.  

Finally it's been warming up somewhat, on Tuesday morning it was only -2*C but with the wind felt more like -6*C, still, I ventured out on a new route that took me 5km.  Distance from work to home is roughly 2.3km depending on which way I walk.  I mapped out a few routes that will take me a full 5km and eventually will lead me home.

Slightly over half of the first route I mapped is uphill.  That was the route I took first.  My thighs, were sore and wind burned through my sweat pants. My hip was crying out in pain.  My face was red and wind burned. My lungs felt great!  Not too much heavy breathing because I'd gone rather slowly.  Took me 1h 20min to arrive home (walking the route from work to home so it takes me out of my way to reach the full 5km as planned). 

The walk cleared my head.  Oh the sounds of the birds were so uplifting.  And the views were spectacular!  I'm anxious for gardening season to see what flowers get planted along that route and the other routes I'll take.  

I barely slept when I finally got home to get some sleep.  I was freezing, and aching, and annoyed that the mailman didn't wait for me to answer my door after he buzzed it and practically ran away with my package!  [insert pseudo bad language here]. 

I'm so tired, and being tired has caused me to eat back the calories I walked off.  I'm told after a couple of days of this routine I'll adjust to it and be able to fall asleep like I used to after a walk or I'll be patient, after all, it's only been one day.   And I feel good [insert James Brown music here]

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