Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mason Jar Salad

Yes I'm still crazy obsessed with mason jars.  I've begun using them to pack salads.  I read an article in I don't remember what magazine, but I did a screen capture to post the two pages on how to pack a mason jar salad.

I had never thought to use cabbage as the first layer on top of the dressing because I'm not too fond of it so I did the next best thing.  Stupid really, because it's still cabbage, I put bagged coleslaw.  You know, the slaw you find in the grocery store already bagged with shredded cabbage & carrots but lacking the dressing.  Ya, well, that's my first layer.  Our local grocer has a nice bagged slaw that I love....Dole brand I believe it is.   Then I pretty much follow the layering with baby carrots sliced in two lengthwise, celery, boiled egg or chicken or chunk tuna then corn niblets and lettuce and baby spinach.  And it's true, just shake up the jar and everything mixes up well!

As much as I love beets and pickles, it never occurred to me to add them in a jar salad.  And since only a small amount of each veggie is used to fill the jar, the calorie count remains considerably low.  I pack two jars in my lunch box, one for lunch and the other to snack on at break time.   I use a tall narrow thermal lunch bag so I put a small tea towel between the two bottles so they don't bang up on each other and use said towel across my lap while eating because you can't dress me up and take me out.  I also picked up a pack of plastic lids so I don't have to use the metal separated lids that mason jars are known for.  The plastic lids for standard mouth jars are sold in a six pack (or is it 8 pack?) usually at the same place the jars are sold, or at Walmart or at Amazon.  I picked mine up at Canadian Tire for under five bucks.

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