Monday, April 6, 2015

Positive Attitude

I've got a real positive attitude.  This time around I know I will succeed in getting the weight off because I've got to make changes.  Real health changes that don't have anything to do with weightloss so while I'm at it I may as well incorporate weightloss to the list.  

The 5km walk three times a week isn't doing so bad.  I only walked the 5km twice last week but on the third day I did about 2km.  My walking schedule had me to go out on Sunday afternoon but aside from it being Easter weekend, I also had to complete my income tax returns, and lets not forget how cold it was on Sunday with that windchill.  

I gave up coffee 100%.  Not just gone to the decaf zone, but gone completely.  I can no longer have coffee in my body for health reasons so I've completely switched to CafLib (the uncoffee coffee).  It's a malt almost coffee tasting noncoffee but is much healthier.  It goes against everything I've ever believed in.  I'm also switching all my tea to decaf .... once I drink all the non decaf ones I've got in the cupboard.  Ditching caffeine completely.  

I'm still not adding sugar to any foods except pasta sauce to cut the acid taste but that's pretty much it.  And I'm still drinking 1-2 litres of water a day to flush my system, plump and hydrate my skin, and aid my kidneys.  

The food is the tough part.  I'm using the Loseit app to really log my fibre intake and aiming for the recommended 25g daily but failing miserably.  I'm at least eating oatmeal on the regular and taking Metamucil at least once a day to fill in the fibre gap.

All in all I'm not feeling to cranky about all this... rather, I'm sticking to a positive attitude about it.  

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