Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Minute In Susan's Mind

Like pretty much everyone on the planet who hasn't been hiding underneath s rock, I've tested out that guess my age site that Microsoft posted.  It was given such hoopla last week on the radio with the announcers joking how in some cases it's really missing the mark.  

I uploaded a photo of myself that is widely used on my social media profiles simply because I'm too lazy to take different photos and it's too daunting a task to upload a different one to each site Eh.  Anyway. The site guessed my age as 23 years old.  Hmm, I won't complain, sure I'll take that compliment thank you very much but I'm not 23, I'm 46,  I don't feel 23, I feel 83. And I don't act 23, I act 12 so there you have it. 

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