Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fitness Challenge Contestant

I'm about to begin week six of the no junk food challenge.  As mentioned before, it was supposed to be a three week challenge and let me reiterate that the first week was hell on wheels but I had the list memorized to tell myself what I cannot have.  By week three it was just the norm.  I'd survived the tough period of the 21 days and anything thereafter is just because it keeps me on track.  I'm afraid if I give in and have an apple turnover, I'll end up eating all four from the box.  I know 100% that will be the case because I'm still greedy like that eh.  Then again, if I don't eat anything else the entire day I can get away with the calorie count.  Or if I really REALLY exercise that day....

No!  Not happening!!!

I only lost 0.2 pounds this week much to my dismay.  I am happy that I didn't gain anything since I went overboard on the turkey bacon.  See, here's the thing.  I walk home from work in the morning....I go the long way so it a total of 5.2km or so.  At one point I pass this home that always has the scent of bacon coming from it so after a while, I stopped off at the grocery store and picked up a pack of turkey bacon by Butterball.  I scarfed that down in three days!  I then picked up a pack of chicken bacon by Maple Lodge.  It had more protein and less calories per two pieces but didn't crisp up like the turkey bacon did so after I scarfed down that pack of bacon, I purchased another pack of turkey bacon.  See where I'm going with this?  It's a healthy food but half the pack isn't supposed to be a meal.  So, having said that, no more turkey bacon.  

I was skimming the instagram again for more motivation on exercise and I came across a user @fearlesslyfightingfood who was doing a 30 day fitness challenge   She said the challenge was kicking her butt so I figured, hey, why not take on a 30 day fitness challenge too.  I surfed the google and found the fitness challenge that the instagram user was participating in and printed it.  

I also printed up another one with jumping jacks because I like how they make my back fat or bra fat (whatever you want to call it) scream in pain.  Credit for the fitness challenge can be found on the image itself.   

As for the jumping jack challenge, I'm doing them as modified jacks.  No jumping up and down for me or my boobs.  Initially, I was going to start both of these on June 1st which coincidentally is a Monday, but then I said to myself; "Get a mitt and get in the game", and started the challenges right away and Friday, May 29th was my day one!  Even though the chart is listed as an August challenge, I'm just going to follow along as day 1 to 30.  No way on planet earth am I going to do 700 jacks!  
I had my husband rub my bra fat with muscle pain ointment because dang if it don't hurt like crazy mad.  Wait, I haven't told him yet that it'll be his official husbandly duty for thirty days.  Ha!

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