Saturday, May 9, 2015

From Fat To Fit

I did fairly well with the walking this week.  As I may have mentioned, I mapped out a new longer route to walk home from work on a daily basis.  The good thing about it is I still have access to a bus in case the weather turns bad or I get too tired to continue.  

Last week I walked the 5km route home twice and one day I walked 2.5km and jumped on the bus the rest of the way home because I had to pee.  I also did 100 jumping jacks two days last week and jogged one day.  Not bad for week one.

This past week I walked the 5km route home three days and then I also walked 2.5km to work on two of those days as well for a total of 7.5km and that my dear, gave me the 10,000 steps I was so desperately seeking.  I also did plenty of regular walking without mapping the distance or counting steps on two more days.  

I really don't want to count the walking or steps that I do that are not on the days I walk to and from work because I don't really count "just walking" as "exercise walking" though I am burning calories, those will just be extra for now.  I'm hoping this coming week I can do the 7.5km daily total on each day I work but with it looking like rain and thunder showers, it'll be highly unlikely, so I'm going to also start back with some livingroom aerobics and weight lifting.

I'm still keeping up with the 21 day challenge to not eat selected junky items and believe me, each time I get the urge to have a snack or something, that list pops back into my mind and I recite the things I should not have.  I'm hoping to keep myself going with this list longer than three weeks.  

The plan this week is to eat more fruit and vegetables and completely cut out rice.  I love rice so much though!  Small steps to a big change.  I don't want to lose weight, I want to get rid of it and not find it again!!  

I did weigh in this week and measured myself. The weight went up but the measurements went down so I may be doing something right somewhere, or so I'm told.  I'm also going to fast on Monday to reset my inner pipes.

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