Sunday, May 24, 2015

Liquid Leafy Greens

I did it.  I made that tropical green smoothie and I must say, the pineapple did cut the grassy spinach taste.  It did taste tropical.  I need buy some tiny drink umbrellas to put in my next one.  Drinking it made me feel like I was back in the southern caribbean on a cruise or something... Ok maybe not but it was pretty good. 

My old school blender was happy to be put to use again.  I'll probably make another one tomorrow.  I didn't have frozen pineapple so I just bought canned pineapple chunks.  I can freeze them in an ice cube tray along with some of the juice it's packed in do I won't need to add two ice cubes like I did today.  

I was a bit afraid to drink it being as it had lots of green leafies and coconut almond milk that I've never tasted.  And yes, my obsession with mason jars still stands. 

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