Sunday, May 24, 2015

Still Going...

I'm about to being the fifth week of the no junk challenge.  The challenge was typically for only three weeks and let me tell you, the first two weeks I was miserable, grumpy, cranky, withdrawn, you name it, that was me.  I disabled the comment section so you can't name it but I know what you're thinking eh!  Ha!

The first week I unknowingly memorized the list from the challenge.   Every time I walked pass the dollar store and heard the crispy crunch chocolate bars call out to me, my mind would yell back NO CHOCOLATE.

Every time I walked pass A&W or McDonalds and heard the fries holler at me, my mind yelled back NO FAST FOOD.  

I even made my husband finish off all the white bread and from then on, started buying only whole wheat bread (Villagio & Italiano are my faves).

I did have one small muffin the other day but that's only because it looked good smelled good and was begging me to taste it was home made.  

So I've come well past the 21 days and decided to continue on, with no more temptations.

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