Monday, June 22, 2015


So the other day I had an emotional breakdown.  I barely slept Thursday so I woke up with a headache.  Anything husband said was wrong, naturally, and I decided not to walk to work that night but instead to take the bus where I'd be able to pass by the bakery and get some apple turnovers to soothe my raging emotions.

Hello, I'm Susan, and I'm an emotional eater.

Ok so I ended up NOT getting any apple turnovers which was a good thing, instead I had a small pack of M&M peanut candy, two cinnamon donuts and a small pack of Pringles chips.... Not a good thing.

After that sugar overload I had a monster headache!  

And I logged the calories as you can see by that photo.

I don't know what triggered my emotions.  Mostly menopause trying hard to take hold of my 46 year old ovaries most likely.  Husband was a good sport about it when I apologized for being a bwitch (the w is silent).  Apparently he knew I wasn't myself so he mentally zoned me out.  He says he only recalls me kissing him and hugging him but nothing else of that day.  This is why I love that man ok! 

So, anywho.... The remainder of the week I continued below my calorie limit.....

Except on Sunday because I was sleep deprived and in sugar withdrawl all over again.  After not having junk food (cake, cookies, chocolate, icecream, donuts, cola, candy, chips...etc) for over 7 weeks, my brain on sugar is exploding!  On Sunday evening I had icecream again.  

Because I'm a glutton for punishment apparently.  

I should have left the icecream and eaten my sarcasm instead!!

So on Monday morning I'm going to weigh in and take measurements.  Then out I go for 20 laps on the school track ... That should add up to 5 miles or the big 10,000 steps.  My mini goal is to do this this three days this week and then weigh in and remeasure next Monday.  I'm serious about getting off this plateau.  I need to drop 16 pounds by September.  

Note: app is LoseIt or for those without a mobile device. 

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