Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Struggle Is Real

So here is my NSV (that means Non Scale Victory).  I snapped this the other day while wearing my tights and a stretchy tank.  The scale hasn't budged but I do see a difference in my love handles muffin top.  The belly is still visible, and lets be honest, it's a food belly not baby fat because I never had any babies.   

It's food.

I love food.

It's so hard to eat healthy. 

It's even harder to watch portion size.

The struggle is real!!!!!

I'm barely keeping up with the jumping jacks challenge because at this stage in the game it's asking for 300 to 500 jumping jacks.  Even though I'm doing the modified version of them, my arms are killing me.  It's a great workout that boosts the heart rate thus causing the calorie burn to increase but it hurts like the dickens on the arms, the hips only a bit but nothing major.  

Again, I'm barely keeping up with the other fitness challenge because doing the crunches was only making my tummy stick out instead of flatten.  Perhaps I was doing something wrong but I also read from some link on pinterest that it depends on your tummy type... blah blah blah you know I barely finished reading the article so after that much info I just gave up but I'm still doing the squats and struggling with the push ups.  I still can't even do one of those right but I do my best but my body is too heavy for my arms to lift so there you have it.

And did I mention I fell off the no junkfood wagon?  Yup, gave myself one heck of a sugar rush migraine is what I did.  We bought butterscotch ripple ice cream last week and I greedily had too much and then I also had other stuff too and then there was that day I had my emotional collapse so ya, you know... I need to saddle that horse back up and get on.

Alright so now I was just scrolling through instagram because I get motivated by the chubby chicks like me trying to lose weight and get healthy.  I was so motivated that I'm going to get out for a jog this weekend.  I was going to wait until Monday but no better time than the present.  And you know, I only have two months left to ditch 16 pounds....

And I hate my scale... ya, just thought I'd toss that in there.

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