Friday, July 24, 2015

Hair We Go Again

I used to always have my hair in a pony tail.  Barely wore it out and styled unless I was going to a wedding or something extravagant.  I guess I was just so accustomed to wearing it pulled back since I was a kid, I just continued on with the convenient hairstyle. (that pic of me in the brown tee shirt is from June 2007 with my hair pulled into a ponytail.)

In the fall of 2008, I took the big step and chopped it all off to what was considered a long pixie.  Here is the picture of the first big chop.  See, this is why it was referred to as a "long pixie". The back wasn't too short as you can see it by the nape of my neck, the sides were long enough to be swept back and the bangs were terribly annoying on my forehead pretty long.   I kept this style for about two months then I went shorter and shocked everyone half to death..... 

To the ultimate pixie!  

Now my Mom always said that the super short pixie hair made me look younger.  But everyone else said it aged me.  When I look at these three photos, I agree with everyone else, it did age me.  But I love Mom for making me feel good about myself.  She's just so awesome eh!  

I admit, it was a nice cut, a nice lazy I don't need to do much with it hair cut. 

I had kept it that short until the fall of 2010. And guess what happened? 

I had decided to grow it back.

I had had the last hair cut towards the end of July 2010.  By Christmas 2010, I had quite a bit grown in but since I was terrible with my scissors back then I ended up looking like that there on Christmas day!!  Look at those bangs.  And the rest of it has no shape... just looks like an over grown mullet.  Which, now that I think about it, it actually was because I hadn't been trimming the back to allow the front, top and sides to catch up!  Oopps... my bad!

And then by April 2011, it was long enough to fit back into a ponytail.  It took quite a few folks by surprise because nobody knew I was growing it back and after seeing me with short hair for a while, being back in a ponytail was shocking!  
But about two weeks after getting it to fit into a ponytail, I chopped it all back off!!!  I didn't know what I wanted I guess.  At the time I was having body image issues and the plain ordinary ponytail just added insult to injury I suppose.

Since then, I lost some weight kept it in a short pixie or as my husband started calling it "my boy haircut".  No, not because it made me look like a boy, but because it was short like his, only not as short as his!!   After a while I let the front bangs grow in with that new long bangs pixie trend and the back was tapered very close to the scalp and it looked ok.  I styled it nice when I went to church.  (see, someone caught me in a photo when I was unaware). That photo was taken earlier this year.  

And this one was taken at home just a couple of weeks ago when I just didn't know what to do with the long bangs any more.  You can see how exasperated I was eh.  

So I took my Whal clippers and a pair of scissors and went into the bathroom with my extra mirror.  Got busy with the razor and this is how it ended up.  That dual photo was taken on July 16th 2015.  It was a humid day.  I had gone jogging in the morning and it rained a bit in the afternoon so my hair just said, eff it, I quit, and just gave up on life.  So that's when I said, enough is enough.  It's time to grow it all back. 

I'm really just tired of the short hair now, as pretty as it was and as much as I liked it.  I made sure to let Mom know and she has agreed to tell me I'm pretty no matter how scraggly my hair will start to look when it reaches the awkward stage in about three months.  Did I mention how awesome that woman is?!!

Now.... it's time to see how long it will take me to get back to what I had to begin with.... all this... Ya, that was taken at Christmas in 2005.  The only photo I actually have of me with my hair out!  Ha! Ha!   I'm guessing... or rather hoping that by next August, I'll have most of it back... just in time to put it in a ponytail when we go on our next cruise and I can leave the flat iron at home!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Shop Is Open

Well, it is official!  

I have finally opened a craft shop on Etsy!   ... and as the little image there says... NOW WHAT?

I've been keeping a small "notes & ideas" book with all the brain storming about this shop for the past couple of months.  Actually, it's been more than a couple of months.  I had intended to open up in January 2014 but then lost interest.  Then I got the urge to open up again later on and I had second thoughts.  And again in January 2015 but then my left thumb got messed up with arthritis and stiffness and I was about to give up.  So I did the only thing that made sense to me....


I took my concerns to God in prayer and asked:

  • Should I open a shop?  
  • Can I handle it?  
  • What should I sell?  
  • What if my hands hurt too much to make anything?  
  • What if it barely sees any sales?  
  • What if it fails?   
He answered all my questions.  

  • Yes, I should open a shop.  
  • Yes, I can handle it.  
  • Sell items I make that will bring people joy like the Annual Family Christmas Ornaments bring joy to my family.  
  • Trust your hands to Me.  
  • One item is a sale that can lead to two.  
  • Believe it will succeed!!

So, having the answers to my prayers, and my left thumb is still feeling a whole lot better though my left pinky finger has barely any feeling in it (pinched nerve), I'm getting that creative feeling coming over me again.  

I love that feeling!!! 

I still have to get some business cards printed up and a couple of buttons or magnets to mail out to friends & family members for the "official announcement" with how to find and purchase items in the shop.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Five Kilometres Or 30 Minutes

I only jogged one day last week BUT .... I went for a 4km walk on two other days.  The walks were both about 50 minutes each.  Today, I remapped my route because I read an article on Pinterest stating that if I wanted to lose weight, I should either walk, run, hike or jog for 3 miles (aka 5km) or work out at home or in the gym for 30 minutes.  This should be done every day though...that's not something I can do daily.  My old out of shape body needs a rest day so for this week, I'm going to aim for five days of 5km (walk or jog) and the new route I mapped will deliver 5km.  

I weighed in on Saturday morning and didn't gain or lose anything.  I'm not upset or disappointed because I was bloated all week....Ladies, you know the biz.  I watched my calories over the weekend and yes, I jumped back on the no junk challenge band wagon again!  

I'm going to weigh in again on Monday morning just because.  

I got this.  I got the positive attitude.  Let's do this?

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Crafty Update

Initially, I had intended to open an Etsy shop in January.  I have a book with all my ideas and thoughts written down so that I wouldn't forget anything I had intended to include before opening.   Well, fast forward to July and it's still not open yet.  I am having a real difficult time deciding what craft supplies to sell.  The minute I put something aside to sell, I decide that I need it for an upcoming craft project.  I'm still photographing all my supplies to upload to my Flickr site to include in the craft groups but I've also got a new camera that I am having major user problems with!  

Anywho, the shop will open when it opens and will be selling the extras I have left from our Annual Family Christmas Ornaments, along with other hand made items, some patterns and maybe just maybe a few supplies that I really do have in excess.  I'm currently creating the store header and printing up some business cards and labels that will be used when I make a sale.  I'm also looking into having a button created to mail out to family members, kind of like my Granny did (I still have her button!).

I'm pretty busy getting caught up on stitching as I've had some issues with my left thumb that prevented me from stitching for months!!!  Finally, I've spent these past two weeks completing ornaments that were supposed to have been sent out in December/January but due to my thumb...never got completed so I'm this close to completion!!  Yay!!  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Behind Schedule

Technically, I'm two books behind schedule in the 2015 Reading Challenge.  It's July, so I should have already have read 25 books but I'm only at 23. That's not all that bad considering I honestly thought I'd only be at 10 or 12 by now!

The thing I like about this challenge is it gets me reading books I may never have thought to read or a genre that I may never have tried.  The thing I dislike is, now that I'm searching for books, I'm coming across a few that appear to be really interesting, based on the synopses, but I have to put them aside because they'll interfere with me staying on track with the challenge.  

In June I read a book that took place in the city I live!!!  How cool is that!  Problem is, it was a thriller, so when the author was saying this bad thing happened on this street.... I was like, wow I know where that is!!  It made the book really come alive because it named streets and locations that I'm familiar with but being as it was a thriller/murder mystery, it really creeped me out!

The book was Déja Dead by Kathy Reichs.  And only after I read the book, enjoyed thoroughly, and then read reviews about it on goodreads, did I realize that the television show BONES was loosely based on the character in this book.  This was the first book in a series of books with the same character but I'm not going to read any more of them.  I listened to it in audiobook format and the narrator did an excellent job.  

To see the books (covers) of what I've completed thus far for the challenge, please click HERE.  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Attacking The Streets

I've been surfing instagram a bit these past days, just reading up on some of the folks doing their weight loss journey on line.  It's encouraging to see folks posting before and after photos even though they are still in the midst of their journey.  There are days I need a kick in the pants to get myself going and those are the days I really scroll instagram!

This past week I jogged four days... I think I jogged four days??!!??  Ask me if I can remember. 

I jogged 5km on Monday and by Monday night when I went to work my legs were like to limp pieces of spaghetti.  I jogged 2.5km on Tuesday even though I really wanted to push it to 5km, I just couldn't do it.  I barely got through 2.5km.  I struggled through the 2.5km because I was just too tired from work and my legs were still in shock from Monday's run. 

On Wednesday it was a holiday so I walked a few blocks home from work before catching the bus then only slept a mere three hours.  I wanted to spend some time with my husband who also had the day off so sleep had to wait.   On Thursday I ran 2.5km and it felt pretty good.  I ran most of the distance without stopping to walk briskly.  I never said I jog all that way without stopping to walk briskly... I'm not a pro at this eh.  I'm still working on my lungs, heart and endurance.   I'll get there though, that is the plan!!!  On Friday I remapped the run and managed 4km in 35 minutes.  That's not half bad.  I did stop to walk briskly a couple of times but I think I ran at least half that distance before I gave in to walk briskly for a few minutes.  I also spotted two red cardinal birds while on my run!  Oh that just made my day!!!

I haven't weighed in or measured myself as I was supposed to do last week.  My inner pipes were backed up and hording waste... Milk of magnesia to the rescue so now I suppose I'll take care of the weigh in and measurements on Monday morning.