Friday, July 10, 2015

A Crafty Update

Initially, I had intended to open an Etsy shop in January.  I have a book with all my ideas and thoughts written down so that I wouldn't forget anything I had intended to include before opening.   Well, fast forward to July and it's still not open yet.  I am having a real difficult time deciding what craft supplies to sell.  The minute I put something aside to sell, I decide that I need it for an upcoming craft project.  I'm still photographing all my supplies to upload to my Flickr site to include in the craft groups but I've also got a new camera that I am having major user problems with!  

Anywho, the shop will open when it opens and will be selling the extras I have left from our Annual Family Christmas Ornaments, along with other hand made items, some patterns and maybe just maybe a few supplies that I really do have in excess.  I'm currently creating the store header and printing up some business cards and labels that will be used when I make a sale.  I'm also looking into having a button created to mail out to family members, kind of like my Granny did (I still have her button!).

I'm pretty busy getting caught up on stitching as I've had some issues with my left thumb that prevented me from stitching for months!!!  Finally, I've spent these past two weeks completing ornaments that were supposed to have been sent out in December/January but due to my thumb...never got completed so I'm this close to completion!!  Yay!!  

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