Saturday, July 4, 2015

Attacking The Streets

I've been surfing instagram a bit these past days, just reading up on some of the folks doing their weight loss journey on line.  It's encouraging to see folks posting before and after photos even though they are still in the midst of their journey.  There are days I need a kick in the pants to get myself going and those are the days I really scroll instagram!

This past week I jogged four days... I think I jogged four days??!!??  Ask me if I can remember. 

I jogged 5km on Monday and by Monday night when I went to work my legs were like to limp pieces of spaghetti.  I jogged 2.5km on Tuesday even though I really wanted to push it to 5km, I just couldn't do it.  I barely got through 2.5km.  I struggled through the 2.5km because I was just too tired from work and my legs were still in shock from Monday's run. 

On Wednesday it was a holiday so I walked a few blocks home from work before catching the bus then only slept a mere three hours.  I wanted to spend some time with my husband who also had the day off so sleep had to wait.   On Thursday I ran 2.5km and it felt pretty good.  I ran most of the distance without stopping to walk briskly.  I never said I jog all that way without stopping to walk briskly... I'm not a pro at this eh.  I'm still working on my lungs, heart and endurance.   I'll get there though, that is the plan!!!  On Friday I remapped the run and managed 4km in 35 minutes.  That's not half bad.  I did stop to walk briskly a couple of times but I think I ran at least half that distance before I gave in to walk briskly for a few minutes.  I also spotted two red cardinal birds while on my run!  Oh that just made my day!!!

I haven't weighed in or measured myself as I was supposed to do last week.  My inner pipes were backed up and hording waste... Milk of magnesia to the rescue so now I suppose I'll take care of the weigh in and measurements on Monday morning.

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