Sunday, July 5, 2015

Behind Schedule

Technically, I'm two books behind schedule in the 2015 Reading Challenge.  It's July, so I should have already have read 25 books but I'm only at 23. That's not all that bad considering I honestly thought I'd only be at 10 or 12 by now!

The thing I like about this challenge is it gets me reading books I may never have thought to read or a genre that I may never have tried.  The thing I dislike is, now that I'm searching for books, I'm coming across a few that appear to be really interesting, based on the synopses, but I have to put them aside because they'll interfere with me staying on track with the challenge.  

In June I read a book that took place in the city I live!!!  How cool is that!  Problem is, it was a thriller, so when the author was saying this bad thing happened on this street.... I was like, wow I know where that is!!  It made the book really come alive because it named streets and locations that I'm familiar with but being as it was a thriller/murder mystery, it really creeped me out!

The book was Déja Dead by Kathy Reichs.  And only after I read the book, enjoyed thoroughly, and then read reviews about it on goodreads, did I realize that the television show BONES was loosely based on the character in this book.  This was the first book in a series of books with the same character but I'm not going to read any more of them.  I listened to it in audiobook format and the narrator did an excellent job.  

To see the books (covers) of what I've completed thus far for the challenge, please click HERE.  

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