Monday, July 13, 2015

Five Kilometres Or 30 Minutes

I only jogged one day last week BUT .... I went for a 4km walk on two other days.  The walks were both about 50 minutes each.  Today, I remapped my route because I read an article on Pinterest stating that if I wanted to lose weight, I should either walk, run, hike or jog for 3 miles (aka 5km) or work out at home or in the gym for 30 minutes.  This should be done every day though...that's not something I can do daily.  My old out of shape body needs a rest day so for this week, I'm going to aim for five days of 5km (walk or jog) and the new route I mapped will deliver 5km.  

I weighed in on Saturday morning and didn't gain or lose anything.  I'm not upset or disappointed because I was bloated all week....Ladies, you know the biz.  I watched my calories over the weekend and yes, I jumped back on the no junk challenge band wagon again!  

I'm going to weigh in again on Monday morning just because.  

I got this.  I got the positive attitude.  Let's do this?

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