Friday, July 24, 2015

Hair We Go Again

I used to always have my hair in a pony tail.  Barely wore it out and styled unless I was going to a wedding or something extravagant.  I guess I was just so accustomed to wearing it pulled back since I was a kid, I just continued on with the convenient hairstyle. (that pic of me in the brown tee shirt is from June 2007 with my hair pulled into a ponytail.)

In the fall of 2008, I took the big step and chopped it all off to what was considered a long pixie.  Here is the picture of the first big chop.  See, this is why it was referred to as a "long pixie". The back wasn't too short as you can see it by the nape of my neck, the sides were long enough to be swept back and the bangs were terribly annoying on my forehead pretty long.   I kept this style for about two months then I went shorter and shocked everyone half to death..... 

To the ultimate pixie!  

Now my Mom always said that the super short pixie hair made me look younger.  But everyone else said it aged me.  When I look at these three photos, I agree with everyone else, it did age me.  But I love Mom for making me feel good about myself.  She's just so awesome eh!  

I admit, it was a nice cut, a nice lazy I don't need to do much with it hair cut. 

I had kept it that short until the fall of 2010. And guess what happened? 

I had decided to grow it back.

I had had the last hair cut towards the end of July 2010.  By Christmas 2010, I had quite a bit grown in but since I was terrible with my scissors back then I ended up looking like that there on Christmas day!!  Look at those bangs.  And the rest of it has no shape... just looks like an over grown mullet.  Which, now that I think about it, it actually was because I hadn't been trimming the back to allow the front, top and sides to catch up!  Oopps... my bad!

And then by April 2011, it was long enough to fit back into a ponytail.  It took quite a few folks by surprise because nobody knew I was growing it back and after seeing me with short hair for a while, being back in a ponytail was shocking!  
But about two weeks after getting it to fit into a ponytail, I chopped it all back off!!!  I didn't know what I wanted I guess.  At the time I was having body image issues and the plain ordinary ponytail just added insult to injury I suppose.

Since then, I lost some weight kept it in a short pixie or as my husband started calling it "my boy haircut".  No, not because it made me look like a boy, but because it was short like his, only not as short as his!!   After a while I let the front bangs grow in with that new long bangs pixie trend and the back was tapered very close to the scalp and it looked ok.  I styled it nice when I went to church.  (see, someone caught me in a photo when I was unaware). That photo was taken earlier this year.  

And this one was taken at home just a couple of weeks ago when I just didn't know what to do with the long bangs any more.  You can see how exasperated I was eh.  

So I took my Whal clippers and a pair of scissors and went into the bathroom with my extra mirror.  Got busy with the razor and this is how it ended up.  That dual photo was taken on July 16th 2015.  It was a humid day.  I had gone jogging in the morning and it rained a bit in the afternoon so my hair just said, eff it, I quit, and just gave up on life.  So that's when I said, enough is enough.  It's time to grow it all back. 

I'm really just tired of the short hair now, as pretty as it was and as much as I liked it.  I made sure to let Mom know and she has agreed to tell me I'm pretty no matter how scraggly my hair will start to look when it reaches the awkward stage in about three months.  Did I mention how awesome that woman is?!!

Now.... it's time to see how long it will take me to get back to what I had to begin with.... all this... Ya, that was taken at Christmas in 2005.  The only photo I actually have of me with my hair out!  Ha! Ha!   I'm guessing... or rather hoping that by next August, I'll have most of it back... just in time to put it in a ponytail when we go on our next cruise and I can leave the flat iron at home!

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