Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Shop Is Open

Well, it is official!  

I have finally opened a craft shop on Etsy!   ... and as the little image there says... NOW WHAT?

I've been keeping a small "notes & ideas" book with all the brain storming about this shop for the past couple of months.  Actually, it's been more than a couple of months.  I had intended to open up in January 2014 but then lost interest.  Then I got the urge to open up again later on and I had second thoughts.  And again in January 2015 but then my left thumb got messed up with arthritis and stiffness and I was about to give up.  So I did the only thing that made sense to me....


I took my concerns to God in prayer and asked:

  • Should I open a shop?  
  • Can I handle it?  
  • What should I sell?  
  • What if my hands hurt too much to make anything?  
  • What if it barely sees any sales?  
  • What if it fails?   
He answered all my questions.  

  • Yes, I should open a shop.  
  • Yes, I can handle it.  
  • Sell items I make that will bring people joy like the Annual Family Christmas Ornaments bring joy to my family.  
  • Trust your hands to Me.  
  • One item is a sale that can lead to two.  
  • Believe it will succeed!!

So, having the answers to my prayers, and my left thumb is still feeling a whole lot better though my left pinky finger has barely any feeling in it (pinched nerve), I'm getting that creative feeling coming over me again.  

I love that feeling!!! 

I still have to get some business cards printed up and a couple of buttons or magnets to mail out to friends & family members for the "official announcement" with how to find and purchase items in the shop.


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