Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back To Normal

I'm back to taking my regular vitamins... without the excessive dose of biotin!  And I've chucked the Hair Skin & Nails vitamin supplements in the trash.  I'm totally done with trying to quick fix my pixie. It will grow in when it grows in.  

The vitamins I take, and have been taking for like what seems forever, are the One A Day Weight Smart.  I've been taking them for years now along with Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C, both which were approved by my doctor way back when.  My doctor later prescribed Calcium and Vitamin D3 since I barely get enough sun (working night shift) and it helps my bad hip bone, and a probiotic with 10 billion whaterverthefrance they are.  Other that this, I'm done with trying out new things just because I read it on the internet!  

I should know better eh!

But seriously, I must confess, I had only tried the HSN supplements to grow out my hair healthy, and yes ... faster if that were possible. The supplement claimed to have a combination of vitamins and minerals along with other ingredients, that are key to helping your hair, skin and nails be healthier. 

I've always known the key to healthy skin is to get at least 7 hours of sleep daily and drink about two litres of water a day.  Water with lemon or cucumber even better (but lemon water is a bit acidic so too much isn't a good thing for the teeth and bladder but it's a great antiseptic for the digestive system!)  

I know now that it is not possible to grow your hair faster.  That your hair will grow as it has always grown.  As long as you drink plenty of water, eat healthy, take care of your scalp and take care of your hair (moisturizing the ends, getting regular trims), and massaging your scalp to get the blood circulating, your hair will grow.  When I was a snot nosed brat, Mom always kept my hair clean, and braided to protect it which is why I always had longer hair.  I just went through another mid life crisis back in 2008 and chopped it all off. 

Ya, that was my second mid life crisis.  My first one was in 2000, I had a real difficult time turning 30 so I got a couple of tattoos.  Seemed like a good idea at the time too.  Good thing I was afraid to get my belly or tongue pierced! Who knows how that would have turned out!  Ha!  Ha!

Ok, back to the topic... I took my vitamins as per usual today and no head pain, no itchy scalp, no lethargy.  I'm back to normal.  My whateveritwas that was unbalanced is now back to the normal state.  So this makes it the second time that I used a vitamin that did more harm than good.  Wow, I'm on a roll.  I better quit while I'm ahead.  

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