Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I'm still inching along with the reading challenge.  I was this close to just reading anything and giving up on the required selection outlined in the challenge... BUT ... I kept with it.

I'm 26 books into the challenge and like I said before, chances of me actually completing 50 books is not going to happen.  But I'm giving it my best try.

I'm currently reading Carrie by Stephen King.  Yes I saw the 1976 Sissy Spacek movie a few times.  Still think it's a great film too but the book is slightly different thus far.  I like how the book portrays the mother as much larger and more unsightly than the actress who portrayed her in the movie.  

And did you know that the Carrie movie was remade in 2013?  Wow, that's news to me!  WHY WOULD SOMEONE REMAKE A GREAT MOVIE LIKE THAT? Ok, now I have to check that out so I can make comparisons.  I hope it didn't turn out as bad as the remake of Fright Night or Total Recall or that tv show Miami Vice.  Oh wait, that won't be possible unless Collin Farrell is in it.  Just saying. 

Sorry, that was just me getting my hate on.  I'm so sorry.  He was ok in Phone Booth.  Uh, no, no he wasn't, I'm lying.  I think that was the movie that made me dislike his acting skills.  

Anyway, moving right along....

I'm only two thirds into the book but hope to have it complete before the end of the week.  Now, I need to go find a nonfiction that will keep me interested.  And Little Women was recommended to me by a friend, so I'm going to look for that one as well.

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