Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Getting Etsy Schooled

These last few days I've been schooling myself on how to succeed at selling on Etsy.  I've printed pretty much the entire user handbook they have posted online and sorted it by category in a binder.  I've got my pen making notes at the end of each article within each topic AND I'm also jotting down ideas in my personal note book. 

All in all, I'm doing alright.

I had to start up fresh so I deactivated my old account, so unfortunate but I did copy all my favourite shops over and the bulk of my favourite items.  Then someone added my item to their favourites.  Ok it's not a sale but it certainly made my day.  Truth is, I'm not really on there to make money, I just like the idea of having a shop!  If someone buys my items only to resell them, believe me, I won't cry over it.

I'm still putting some finishing touches on it but at present, I'm pretty darn proud of myself.  

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