Monday, August 24, 2015

Getting My Betty On

I'm usually not one to bake cookies from packaged powders or mixes.  I truly enjoy baking cookies from scratch with a real good easy to follow recipe.  Usually I stick to the basics.  You know, like peanut butter cookies, shortbread cookies and yes, chocolate chip cookies.  So why did I recently bake chocolate chip cookies from a betty Crocker dry mix package?  Well, because I had the pack in the cupboard.  I must have bought it at one time wondering what it would taste like.  

The other day I finally baked these little buggers.  

They tasted like something was missing.  

Seriously.  They were quite easy to make but they were flat not fluffy cookies once baked.  They were soft, as that depends on how long you bake em but the taste wasn't there.   Something in the flavour wasn't there.  I liked them because the taste had me eating one or two and not six or ten had I made them from scratch!  So I guess, great for dieters!  Ha!    I would recommend this for folks wanting to bake something quick with little kids.  They can help mix everything together and plop them on the cookie sheet without the risk of spilling the many ingredients required when baking from scratch.  And no worries the kid will eat too many!  

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