Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hair We Go Again!

Since I've  stopped taking the Hair Skin and Nails vitamins, I've noticed I'm not as lethargic as I was during the week I was taking them.  Out of curiosity, I googled if lethargy is a reaction to the excessive biotin consumption and sure enough, it was!  Wow.  I'm learning so much about this vitamin.  That first week I thought I was just tired but it was more than tiredness, I started to think I was coming down with something! 

I'm still also experiencing some itchiness and tenderness on my scalp just around the crown area, apparently it'll take a couple more days off of the supplements for my system to be back to normal.  And the light rash it left behind on my nape is almost gone but the rash on my scalp is slowly healing.  I've been washing with Head & Shoulders just to keep from having that rash get worse or from developing into dandruff or psoriasis or yeast or anything else for that matter!  Good luck to the ladies I read on line who still suffer with the itch and tenderness yet still continue to take the HSN're going to need all the luck you can get!

I've already decided not to use any chemicals on my hair while it grows in, for at least the next three to six months anyway, I'll be as natural as I can be.  Yikes!  I better Google some styles!   By this time my scalp should be more than healed and I should have more noticeable growth so relaxing it then won't cause any damage to my scalp or hair loss.  I'm afraid the tenderness and rash will get worse if I relax it now...bummer because I'm headed on vacation and wanted my hair straightened before leaving.  Oh well.  I hear the weather in England is the same as it is here in Canada so I shouldn't have to worry about humidity messing me up.  

And another thing.... stopping the biotin superdose also has my face clearing up.  Yes, I know you have to drink plenty of water while on biotin or when using the HSN supplements because the B vitamins are water soluable vitamins, but I do that ordinarily anyway but my face still broke out!  I was even blaming it on the food I ate or the lotion I used.  


It was the superdose of biotin.  Now, my face is clearing up and yes I'm still drinking three and a half litres (approx. a gallon) of water a day.  I'm going to start back taking a glass of warm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomache to help with my skin also...and it'll help my inner pipes too!  Just not too much though because the acidity level is bad for the bladder.  

So that's the last biotin update from me.  Now... On to more interesting things!.....

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