Sunday, August 16, 2015

Handmade Christmas Preparations

It's unusual how every year, at around this time, I get started on the years handmade Christmas ornaments... Particularly the Annual Family Christmas Ornament that I hand make for family and a very limited few close friends.  I've already decided on a pattern and begun cutting the shape out of the plastic canvas.  I should begin stitching them in mid September.

And NO it's not a snowman.  Just because the image in this blog is of a snowman.... Nope, too easy!

I'm also pulling together the felt patterns I'll be using to make felt ornaments for some folks at church. I've seen a few on etsy I want to purchase too!  And the children's cross stitch ornament.... Well, this will be the last year for that.  The kids in our family have outgrown it, and the kids at church are just too many.  I've got a few at church who will get one but the rest will have to do with a feltie instead.  It's also hard in the eyes lately. I've really fallen in love with making felt ornaments and cross stitch is too fine detailed a craft that relies on good eyesight.

Anyway... Moving it along...

The reason I start so early is because I know eventually I will lose the craftiness and take an extended break, then before you know it, November is here and I've got tons to complete, so starting early always helps. 

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