Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello Esty Me

My etsy shop still is not quite up to my liking.  I still haven't completed the "about the seller" information thing and I still haven't put the additional items I have up for sale.  It's not that I've been slacking, but I've been working on completing a few other crafts that I have to mail out to a family member.  I'm this close to being finished and I'm hoping to get that box express posted by the end of September.  I would prefer to have it be mid September though!

I'll be shutting down my shop temporarily for a few weeks just to get things organized.  I feel it's missing the mark right now and as much as my mind is totally in to it, I have other priorities to take care of first.  

All is not lost on the etsy shop.  I'm enjoying checking my stats every day to see how many views my tiny item got!  Crazy but true.  I love the feeling I get when it says 1 view today.  *giggling like a school girl*

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