Monday, August 10, 2015

Pixie Grow Out: 3 weeks

 So here I am, three weeks into growing out my pixie cut.  Three weeks ago, it was so hot and humid here that I came home from work in the morning and chopped off what little bit of growth I had, including my long bangs.  My hair just gave up on me, with one bad hair day after another so I'm growing it back to maybe try out a bob or just let all the length regrow.  We shall see.  That photo on top is the day I last cut my hair and the bottom was taken this past Thursday....exactly 3 weeks later.  

I attempted to go the biotin route by mega dosing on biotin which is what the Hair, Skin and Nails formula contains, along with other ingredients, to out grow my pixie quicker.  My allergic reaction of a painful and itchy scalp and arms was enough for me to give that up in a hot minute.  At the time I'm writing this blog post, I've been "off" all my vitamins for a full week.  I've only taken the probiotics because my inner pipes require it.  I've still got a trace of a reddish patch on the left side of my nape where a rash had begun while I used the HSN containing a mega dose of biotin. The rash is gone but the skin is now darker and feels brittle.  It'll peel off eventually I suppose.

I've marked my calendar in three week intervals to take a progress photo simply because I'm curious to see the growth. 

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